All Families

The 314 individuals who were sold in 1838 are organized into 49 family groups, with each group consisting of one GMP ancestor (root person) and one or more GMP ancestors or descendants who can be identified as being related by blood or marriage to the root person. For married couples, the root person is the husband if he was a GMP ancestor. If the husband was not a GMP ancestor (i.e., died before the 1838 Jesuit Slave Census, a free person, not a Jesuit slave, or unknown), the root person is the woman.

A new group is formed when a GMP descendant marries a GMP ancestor who is not already part of a group. This is to account for descendants from any other marriage between the GMP ancestor and a non-GMP ancestor. Additionally, four groups were formed (i.e., groups 46, 47, 48, and 49) because of the division of work between the Louisiana and Maryland genealogists.

Below are 32 of the 49 family groups. Seventeen groups have no modern descendants that could be traced, and are not depicted below, though their information is available through the master spreadsheet.