Descendant Interviews

The GU272 story didn't end in 1863 with the end of slavery. Despite incredible hardship, the descendants of the 314 people who were sold as property in 1838 flourished through their own hard work, ingenuity, perseverance, and faith. Modern descendants of the GU272 number in the many thousands. They are physicians, homemakers, mechanics, poets, military specialists, musicians and teachers, among many other professions. Theirs is a unique and fascinating story.

Profile of female descendant

The Interviews

The interviews on this website record the life experiences of GU272 descendants who are currently living in Maryland, Louisiana, California and other locations. Placed alongside the genealogical data and the historical narrative of the GU272, these oral histories are invaluable resources for the descendant community, genealogists, historians, scholars, and the public. 

The GU272 Memory Project is dedicated to interviewing descendants of the GU272, to record their reflections and experiences to share with the descendant community and to preserve for posterity. This is an ongoing and active project, and we will be adding interviews to the website over time.

If you are a descendant and would like to be interviewed, or have questions about interviews, please email